Poor Vinnie...

Contact of Tarvaris’s.

Vinnie was Ben‘s contact to the drug deal gone bad.
A loud, crude, boisterous guard who liked to drink on the job and was altogether too trusting of people. Also, didn’t really know what was going on. At least he knew where he was going. Known to take his shots double single fisted at the same time, Vinnie provided Ben with the cards bracers which allowed him to pose as a member of the Cards Guards.

Ben’s contact, from Tarvaris, found at the V-V. Tells Ben to meet him at a well off of one of the main streets. Does a cool move where he takes two shots at once. Cheers!

Vinnie is later killed by the mystery assailants during the drug deal. Ben recovers from his body a +2 Amulet and a +2 Axe.


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