Catherine's Rival and also body modification expert



HP 544 / 272
AC 32-R
Fort 26+R
Ref 32-R
Will 33
Spd 7-R (min 2)
INIT +12

Uncontainable Power
Each round, as Daran’s power grows, the size of all if his Aura, Area, and Close attacks increases. This is denoted in the powers as R, equal to the current round of combat.
In Round 4, Daran gains Resistance 10 to Weapon attacks, but gains OG 5 damage, which cannot be reduced or avoided.
In Round 5, Daran becomes a large size creature.
In Round 6, all of Daran’s attacks deal max damage, and the OG damage increases to 10.

Critical Burst
Daran’s critical hits deal +4d6 extra damage and knock targets prone

¤ Aura of Repulsion <> Aura R
At the start of Daran’s turn, all creatures in the aura are pushed to the nearest square not in the aura.

(↙) Dagger Att +23; 13 damage

(↙) Slam Available Round 3; Att +23 v AC;

2d8+12 damage (max 28)

Ξ Thunder Wave (Thunder) <> ClBl 3+R

Att +21 v Fort;

3d6+15 thunder (max 33), and the target is pushed 5 squares

(ψ) Acid Arrows (Acid) <> R. 10 Attacks R targets;
Att (+23) v Ref;

3d8+12 (max 36) acid, and enemies adj. to the target take 13 acid damage.

Ξ Sleep (Psychic) <> A. 1+R w/i 10 Att +23 v Will;

2d6+10 psychic, and the target is slowed and takes OG 5 psychic (SE). 1st Failed Save: The target is unconscious and takes OG 10 psychic (SE). Special: The target takes a penalty to the saving throws = R-1. This OG damage will not wake up unconscious creatures.

¤ Firestorm (Fire, Zone) <> Area 3 w/i 10
Creates a zone of fireballs until the end of Daran’s next turn (sustain minor). Cold spells that are cast from or targeting a square within the zone are immediately dispelled. Creatures that move into or start their turn in the zone are targeted by the following attack:
Att: +21 v Ref; Rd6 fire damage, and OG 10 fire damage (SE)

Ψ Tentacle Grab <> R. 3 Available Round 4; Must not have another creature grabbed. Does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Att +21 v Ref; The target is restrained and takes OG 15 damage until escape (DC 25). As a minor action, Daran can slide the target to another square within range.

Fight or Flight Trigger: When Daran first becomes bloodied; Imm. Rxn: Teleport 10 squares. If Firestorm is not in effect, he may cast it as a free action.


Hahaha! Welcome heroes!

I see you have braved the darkness of the under…dark. But it will do you no good! The Ithilids have taken over the city and it has just gotten me SO UPSET that I think I will completely destroy my body to hurt you guys.

What’s that? You do not think that turning myself into an indescribable mess of tentacles and magical blobs is a good idea? You think that perhaps I don’t have a plan for AFTER this battle? That perhaps I did not think ahead, did not think this one all the way through? Hahahah! It is just like your puny mind to…blargh….oh jeez. I don’t feel all that….

Okay, my hand’s gone. Fine, that’s on me, sure, my hand is now a tentacle. I was always a little ambidextrous anyway. A bit. Not all the way. Probably going to put my side career as a piano player to an end. But sure! Okay, now I should definitely get back to the destroying of you because of our minor professional dispute, Catherine. Oooo I am so angry that you are a different professor at our university and….oh Gods it feels like my stomach is….yeah…there it….there it goes….

Yup I am most certainly a lot larger than I was before. I am DEFINITELY more monster than man. And I think….well, I don’t have a mirror on me but I am PRETTY sure my face is now twisted beyond recognition, a terrifying mess of fangs and insanity. Wow, my wife is going to be UPSET at me when I get home, haha!

Stop stabbing me.


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