Abernathy Wistershire

Charming, Tavern-Owning Song-Singing Poem-Reciting Bard-ish Kinda Character.


Loyalty Above Lies

Ben’s excursion into the underdark forced him to answer the most dire of hypotheticals: if he had to give up one or the other, would he give up his Wife or his power? He chose to save his wife, the innocent, the one he loves, despite the fact that she does not even know who he really is. This proved to himself that he would forgo the power of deceit and manipulation to keep the good and true things in his life.

Once per encounter, Ben can ask an ally, “Do you trust me?” By answering, “Yes,” that ally loses a healing surge and Ben gains a Token of Trust. While in possession of a Token of Trust, Ben gains a +1 bonus to Charisma-based attack rolls and skill checks. Ben can choose to expend the Token to cast Majestic Word on that Ally before his next extended rest; doing so does not count against Ben’s normal limit of Majestic Word.

Ben can also choose to break the Token of Trust. Doing so causes Ben to lose a Healing Surge, but gain one of the following benefits:

  • Succeed on a Bluff Check that Ben just failed
  • Dominate a creature (save ends) against which Ben has just scored a critical hit with a Bard power.
  • Heal Ben his bloodied value, even if he just dropped to 0 HP.

Abernathy (don’t call him that) or Ben is a man of mystery. If you were to ask around town about the man named Ben, you’d find out a few things here and there. Like, maybe, you’d hear about, and then realize, that you’d of course known all along about the all too well known tavern Waterman South of Quinley, in Kaffee Tower. And that Ben is the owner of that wonderful place called Waterman. The proprietor is known for being cool and friendly, generous and stern, usually the last to speak and the first to be heard. His small army of employees caters to the whims of the rich and ridiculous.

Ben is usually sharply dressed in all black, with a simple style and nothing outlandish. A fine black suit, sturdy boots, and a black cloak are usually his only adornment, aside from a red scarf. You might remember that he married the beautiful and sly daughter of the Celeste family of the Silver-Celeste House, that the wedding was beautiful and adorned lavishly, and that the family is old.

A small smattering of his casual inventory:
Magical items:
Weapons: Dagger, Hand crossbow, Longsword, Wand, and Assurance.

Other Stuff: Ritual Book (Glib Limerick), Potion of Healing x5, Rope (50ft.), Fine clothes, Tochluchan Bandore, Flasks full of expensive and likely flammable liquids, flint and tinder, adventurer’s kit.

Other notes:

Ben is the best guard.


“I need ten minutes alone with him. I promise I won’t hurt him… That’s all I promise”

Ben’s backstory is mysterious.

He somehow knew who Content Not Found: max-stirner was and called to him by name, just before he dissappeared.

The only person who knew anything (and it really wasn’t much of anything) about him was Vinnie, and, well, he’s dead now. Ben found his way to the Nocturne-Card Helena meeting by way of Vinnie by posing as a guard. Ben’s interest in this meeting was to get some information about Helena, nothing more than that, maybe to find a way into the supply (or demand). Instead, the entire thing is an elaborate ambush set up by what seems like none ofthe people there at all, but the House of Cards.

Bastards. The ease with which he was able to get into this meeting, and the way that he found out about it so quickly from Tarvaris is making him rather nervous. Even if Tarv wasn’t trying to trap him from the onset, could someone else have been feeding him information with the hopes that the info would reach him?

Hard to tell. Regardless, Ben has found a way to be with these other three…buffoons for time being. And, as a bonus, his little tavern was the first to offer Helena for sale to the public, as the somewhat expectedly outrageous price of fifteen royals a hit. All of the stuff he had bought from Catherine sold out almost immediately.

Then Catherine gets arrested on some pretty ridiculous grounds. So, Ben decides to go and join the other side of the trial by speaking with Senator Gremm of the House of Forges, and pretends to be a magistrate.

Ben’s thoughts.

Abernathy Wistershire

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