Cards and Kords

Backstory Quest: Jak

After discovering a mindflayer in the undercity, the advernturers take a few days leave before a predetermined meeting at the Waterman.

The morning of the meeting, Bharash misses his prayer meeting with Jak. Finding this uncharacteristic of his mentor, Jak summons his allies to investigate. After some off-target searches and arduous questioning, the group finds the answers they seek in Tellus the guard. According to his account, a group of mysterious men sneaked out of the Shrine of Kord last night and paid him to keep quiet. They may have used feral dogs on the street as a distraction to enter the shrine.

Assuming these men abducted Bharash, the party follows the clues to the House of Cards. Upon entering the courtyard of the house hall, a large ambush party unleashes a hail of arrows on the party. Using expert archery techniques and ferocious dogs, the ambush almost overwhelms the adventurers. Almost.

Unsure as to why they were attacked in broad daylight, the party enters the house hall…


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