Ben‘s right hand man at the Waterman. Not lifelong friend, but a loyal and trusted member of House Silver-Celeste. Though he is not noble birth, neither by blood or relation, his own family has served the House for generations. Along with Ben’s wife Amber, he helps run the day-to-day operations.

A skilled bargainer and gleaner of information, his primary duties include acquisition and stores, ensuring that the Inn has a constant and ample supply of all of the various…sundries…that flow through its doors. In so far as general to journeyman information about anything and anyone in Evershade, if he or Ben do not know, then it’ll probably cost you more than you’re willing to pay to get it.

He is not married, but has a large family: uncles, aunts, nieces, grandparents, all affiliated in some way with HSC.

Finally, as steward of one of the best Inns in the region, Ross (short for Rossignol de Beaufort) is treated with the kind of admiration and respect allowed to people who have great control over many things.


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