House of Forges

The HoF HQ. Its a friendly kind of place.

They make stuff. Weapons, arms, things. Lots of things.

Located in central part of the city

Rivals of the Smith House, who claim that they are better craftsmen, while HoF produces in bulk. Hof has a more corporate feel, supplying equipment to the government.

Tried to discredit the House of Wisdom, citing their danger and untrustworthiness. The first to suggest that HoW should be thrown out. This was in a senate meeting, of course.

Although all races are members, there is the predictably larger number of Southern Dwarves, who make up the bulk of the leadership. Their craft, combined with the sharp cunning of many an non-dwarven Evershadian politician has given HoF much power and influence in both the everyday and long-range happenings of the city.

Likely, if you’ve tasted the sharp cold bite of a guardsman’s steel, the smiths of HoF were the hands that made sure that wound won’t really ever heal. Not properly, at least.

Has a central building which is shaped like a giant anvil. There are average shops around the base of the anvil. Anvil keychains. Hot dogs. Little mini-anvils for the kiddies to play with. Something for the missus. You know what I mean.

The building has offices, blacksmith shops, forges. Magically reinforced, but top-heavy. Chambers have forges, but the heat does not really threaten the building. Also has dorms.

Ben investigates here prior to Catherine’s trial.

House of Forges

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