House of Cards

The House of Cards is one of the dozens of Houses in EverShade. An active member in the House System, the House of Cards offers an extensive assortment of entertainments for the city. Casinos, dens, brothels, bars, and the like are all represented.

All Cards Official Business is Marked with the Spade

The symbol of the Hosue of Cards is the Spade – representing the randomness of life and its events, encouraging people to be flexible and to “roll with the punches” On a less philosophical level, the Spade represents gambling, which is a main source of Cards income.


The House of Cards takes up only a block and a half, back to back – relatively small for a house as influential and profitable as they are. The Cards own both sides of their main street known as Cards Boulevard. Found here are the aforementioned attractions, most of which are open from lunchtime and the early afternoon well into the evening. Behind the boulevard are the house necesities: housing, general stores, a small marketplace, and the college.

Notewothy Locations

Cards College is a school focusing on business and marketing. Although some outsiders may find these pursuits fruitless or dishonerable, they make worthy studies in EverShade.

Noteworthy People

House of Cards

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