Helena Campaign Setting


Bonus Feats:
Versatile Expertise @ lvl 5
Paragon Defenses @ lvl 11

Classes who draw power from outside the religiously condoned spectrum are considered blasphemous and uncontrolled:
Warlock (Pact)
Sorcerer (Bloodline)
Runepriest (Ancients)
Seeker (Spirits)
Shaman (Spirits)
Barbarian (Savage)
Some other classes are rare, but not necessarily outlawed: Druid, Warden (Natural Environment), Bard (Traveler).
You may select any of these classes to play, but you should understand the role-playing implications of doing so!

Items made and rituals cast using Ritual Caster, Alchemy, and Herbalism can be paid for up to half their component cost in experience points. 5 EXP = 1 Comp/1Ris

Below are listed several Backgrounds, which are templates for your character. They serve as “archetypes” for your character’s personal history and its effect on his or her personality and judgement. They are designed to be independent of class – none of them are necessarily associated with a Wizard, Primal Class, or Defender.

Each character must select a background, and no two characters can pick the same background. The purpose of the background is to give your character a strong tie-in to the world without restricting his personality or morality. As usual, I tend to build worlds as the campaign dictates, so the specifics of each character are wide open – their families, their houses, etc. I hope that you flush out as many details about the world as you do about your character.

Each Background has a bonus feat related to a skill. It is most often a skill training feat, but it may be something else that still enhances your character’s skill pool. If the bonus feat is a Skill Training feat, you may elect to take Skill Focus instead (+3 feat bonus to an already trained skill).

Some Backgrounds have a Bonus Power, which are all listed as Item powers. Powers are fundamentally designed for combat, so theoretically characters with Bonus Powers from their background would be more powerful in combat than characters that are not. Making these powers Item powers means that the character still has the same amount of a finite resource (Item powers per day) so as to not be more powerful than his allies.

As the campaign progresses, you may gain additional abilities and bonuses related to your background.

You feel compelled to protect those persons most significant to you (not necessarily your whole party). Did you lose your immediate family? Were you brainwashed to guard? Were you cursed by magic?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (Endurance)
Bonus Power: Guardian’s Sacrifice
Daily <> Item <> Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: Adjacent Ally takes damage.
Effect: Ally takes no damage. You lose a healing surge. Ally still follows any additional effects of the damaging attack.

You are a devout, involved member of your church, and your faith gives you guidance and absolution. You probably look up to the leaders of your church. What kind of relationship do you have with them? How did you come to follow this faith?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (Religion)
Bonus Feat: Iron Will (Essentials)
Special: You can use a holy symbol as an implement for any class.
Special: You count as any divine class to qualify for item or Paragon path prerequisites.

You come from an elite family whose influence is substantial in your house. Your immediate family play large roles in your life. What is your relationship like with each of them? Are you elitist and conceited because of your social status?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (Streetwise)
Bonus Item: Family Heirloom
You have a magic item that has been passed down through generations. It has your family’s crest or seal emblazoned on it. When in the hands of a member of your family, it has:
- An enhancement bonus of an item of your level +3
- +1d10 damage on a critical hit (if a weapon)
- One other ability as determined by the DM
You study the science of Alchemy, although more as a hobby than as a craft, perhaps. Do you use your skills to make wares to sell? Do you do it on behalf of your house? Is it a secret? Do you specialize in explosives, poisons, serums, or the like? Has exposure to chemicals had an effect on your mind or body?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (Arcana)
Bonus Feat: Alchemy
Special: You can craft things with the alchemy feat as if you were 3 levels higher.
*Don’t forget to try and create your own mixtures and recipes!

You’ve seen more of the world than most. This affects your perspective on your experiences. You’ve had a lot of jobs and met a lot of people. Why did you choose to remain here? Do you tell stories of where you’ve been? Are you bardic in nature, or more nomadic? Or does everyone just hate you wherever you go, so you keep moving?
Bonus Feat: Jack of All Trades
Bonus Power: Learned My Lesson (AKA “This One Time…”)
Daily <> Item <> Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: You roll a d20 and do not like the result.
Effect: Add +1d8 to the roll.

You are substantially enmeshed in the underground economy of illegal trade and deception. How did you get to this position? Do you do it for your house, or for personal gain? Do you have any friends through this, and are they your real friends?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (Bluff)
Bonus Feature: Expect the Unexpected
You do not grant combat advantage for being surprised or for not having acted yet in combat.
Bonus Feature: Bullshit Detector
You gain a +2 bonus to your Will defense against Bluff checks. Also add to Insight when attempting to defeat Bluff checks

You are obsessed with knowledge. You love history, organization, academia, and other nerdy things. Is this a profession or a hobby for you? How has this education affected your view on the world and others? Are you particularly philosophical? Are you socially retarded?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (History)
Bonus Ability: Dark Knowledge
Encounter <> Item <> Minor
Trigger: You succeed on a Monster Knowledge check
Effect: You learn the creature’s lowest defense (F/R/W). Also, you tell the party all information you gained.
Special: If you succeeded against the Hard DC, all allies gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls against the creature(s) until the end of the encounter.

You are ever vigilant. You use your keen powers of observation and quick reactions to alert your allies and gain the upper hand. How did you come to have these powers? How do you use these abilities in everyday life?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (Perception)
Bonus Power: Scout’s Reactions
Daily <> Item <> Immediate Interrupt
Effect: Choose 1 of the following Benefits (after a die roll, if applicable):
- Gain +2 to a single Initiative roll
- Gain +2 Reflex against a single attack roll
- Gain +2 Move Speed for the rest of the encounter
- Shift 2 Squares

You are a student of all things foreign. You study all cultures you come across and make part of their culture a part of you. You tend to be understanding, at least from an intellectual standpoint. What imprints have other peoples made on you? How colorful is your background?
Bonus Feat: Skill Training (Diplomacy)
Bonus Feat: Linguist
Bonus Feature: Greater Understanding
You gain a +2 bonus to your Will defense against Diplomacy checks.

Helena Campaign Setting

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