Helena is a recently-developed street drug. It is designed to be dissolved in a beverage for consumption. Helena is odorless and tasteless. It is a coarse white powder with a faint blue glow.

Created by alchemists at Cards College, Helena is designed to be an additional attraction to the many large casinos and brothels owned by the House of Cards.

Effects of a Helena high include contentment or euphoria, an overwhelming sensation of calmness, and lack of worry or concern for the future.

It is rumored that Helena could be addictive. Should this be true, the drug’s solicitors wouldn’t likely curb their sales of the substance.

The PCs first encountered the drug during the Helena Exchange. Unknown assailants intercepted a large package of Helena during a sale of the drug from the Cards to alchemists of House Nocturne.

One Batch of Helena requires:
2 hours
50 Residuum
10 exp
One Batch of Helena weighs a half pound and sells for 100 gp (10 plat).

The first real successful transaction involving Helena happened between Ben and Catherine, who sold 5 pounds of the drug for 500gp. Ben then took it and sold each ounce for 15gp at his tavern, the Waterman, to his most exclusive clients, with greatest discretion. The stuff sold out almost immediately. Currently, Catherine is the only person in Eversahde who has the recipe for Helena.


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