Evershade House System

What is a House?

The City of EverShade is not divided into zoned districts or loosely affiliated neighborhoods. Instead, it can be subdivided into Houses. This is known as the House System.

To raise enough money to afford representatives, like-minded people tend to band together to
form a house. Houses fund representatives, influence businesses and guilds, and look after their members; houses get things done in EverShade. They offer protection against the city’s prevalent crime. They are a fraternity on a massive scale – some houses have thousands of members. Larger houses do not necessarily have more political pull; a representative is only worth one vote, after all. That being said, large houses can often afford the best, most persuasive politicians.

A house, in terms we can understand, is a kind of political party. In addition to simply categorizing political issues like our political parties do, houses serve as local government hubs. Houses build residential complexes. Houses collect taxes and fund services such as a House Guard. House are a kind of fraternity whose members pay taxes to the house to fund its interests.

Take a city like Grand Rapids, ya? Now, imagine every major building was built by a senator. That senator is basically a non-profit organization who collects money from supporters. The senator in turn builds super-dorms or apartment complexes around his major building for his supporters to live in. Those supporters then need markets, restaurants, churches, and others services. All of these supporters decide to live on the same block b/c that ensures that their local economy goes to support their senator, who shares their interests and will most likely vote the way the supporters would like.

These supporters have banded together to pool their funds to essentially bribe a politician into voting the way they want him to. If he doesn’t, he’s out of a job. So (in theory) everyone has a motivation to make this corrupt system work. This is how the city is set up.

Now imagine that there are dozens of senators in GR. Each city block has a community of supporters, forming the House. Some of them may be very politically aware, while some of them may just be trying to make a living. In any case, people have gathered in these areas to find a way of life.

List of Houses

Evershade House System

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