EverShade is a city built on a highland ridge near the northern edge of the Old World Continent. It lies less than a day’s travel from the northern continental coastline. Massive Towers overshadow the streets and allies, constructed out of charcoal-colored stone. Nicer buildings and fronts are made with marble or obsidian; not as nice, bricks of coal and scraps of iron. Due to altitude and lack of insulation in the majority of structures, the whole city is cold, chilling the underprepared to the bone.

Evershade star

The sky is always dark with stormclouds overhead. At its lightest, the sun’s light filters through gray clouds. At the darkest, it appears midnight at high noon.

The city’s government seems highly flawed from an outside perspective – but, strangely enough,
it works. As a republic, representatives are elected to a small congress that makes city decisions. These representatives are not so much “elected” as “purchased” – representatives are often sold to the highest bidder. Life as a representative in EverShade can be a lucrative one if he or she knows how to sell themselves. Representatives are paid for by the funds raised by a house, and are the original cause of the House System.

The air of darkness lends itself to the city’s high crime rate. Each house has a syndicate of thieves, thugs, blackmailers, and conspirators that operate in an “underground” crime economy.

In opposition to the darkness, crime, and tragedy, the citizens are very religious – almost to a
superstitious level. The overtly righteous deities hold no quarter here – Bahamut, Pelor, and
Moradin are snidely looked down upon as fanciful idealisms. The most common gods are probably
Erathis (civilization) and Ioun (knowledge), as they are morally neutral and have practical, attainable interests. Citizens attend religious ceremonies in droves, praying for guidance, atonement, and security.


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