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  • House of Wisdom

    The House of Wisdom is the only major university in [[EverShade | EverShade]], attracting many more students than individual house schools. The House of Wisdom accepts students from any houses and does not require the students to become a member of the …

  • Catherine Selden

    Catherine Selden traveled to EverShade ten years ago after a long period of wandering. In her life, she has come into her own as a brilliant wizard and tactician, leading many armies into battle under the moniker of the Azure Witch. As a general, she was …

  • Lucrecious

    This dude is a professor at the [[House of Wisdom]]! Dude studies ALL sorts of abjuration magicks. Wards, protections, that sort of bullshit. [[:catherine|Catherine]] fucked him.

  • Gustavo

    He is the enchantment director. Of the House of Wisdom. Didn't we already talk to this guy? Yes. His name is Gustavo.