Tag: devils


  • Sasharin McThee

    Sasharin is a Personal Entertainer at the [[Dusk Til Dawn | Dusk Til Dawn Brothel]]. She meets the party during their investigation into the group of cards who are attempting to poison the city's water with [[Helena]]. Sasharin is a Succubus, one of …

  • Oragk

    Died when [[:ben | Abernathy Wistershire]] smashed his face while throwing him at [[:jak | Jak]], who sliced him entirely in half. 'Cause he wouldn't give up. Little bastard.

  • chain devil

    DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE | *DIE!* | *Are you dead?* | *When will you die?* | *Hurry up and die already* | *Bleeding?* | | Not yet | Almost... | Very soon | I'm dying. | Definitely bleeding. | *Checklist for a Dead Chain Devil* # Is this mother f-er …