Ring of Gol (Frost)

Ring of Frost Resistance


This ring is bold and eye-catching. It was clearly made by a master smith, and speaks well of your social status

Property: You gain resist 10 cold.
Property: You gain vulnerable 5 lightning.

Item<>Daily<>Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: You are hit by an attack that deals cold damage.
Effect: You are immune to cold until your next turn.


The rings of Gol are a trademark item of the Goliath smith Gol, of the Master’s House.

Gol spent many years as an adventurer, searching the far reaches of the Old World Continent for rare materials to craft his works. Best known for his study of imbuing natural forces in metal, his life’s study brought him to be a master blacksmith. Gol’s work offers both artistic style and powerful functionality, and is sought after by the most prestigious of the land.

Ring of Gol (Frost)

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