Wistershire Shroud

An unassuming defense against all things.


Impostor’s Braidmail
In the blink of an eye, this metal armor can fade into rags or robes, providing the perfect disguise for any situation.

Level AC Enhancement Speed Penalty Skill Checks
11 +8 +3 -1 -1

Power (At-will <> Polymorph): Minor Action
You can transform this armor into a normal-looking set of clothes. While in clothes form, the armor does not provide an armor bonus, but neither does it impose an armor check penalty or speed reduction. You can add this armor’s enhancement bonus to any Bluff check made to attempt to disguise your appearance. You can change this armor back into its true form as a minor action.


You’ll never really see this armor on Ben, at least, not in its true form, though what that really means is up to speculation. Whether these vestments started out as just a fine black suit, or as a fine suit of chainmail is debatable, as they spend nearly all of their time as a suit, and not mail. Like their appearance (true or not), the armor’s origins are full of, well, basically, lies. Ben won’t tell where he got them, and those close to him have questioned whether he even knows at all. If you’re talking to Ben, and he’s wearing any sort of clothes, you can pretty much bet that he’s got these on, just in their cloth form.

So be aware. Ben may look like a man in his bedclothes about to go get a nightcap from the bar, but really, he’ll just say a silent word, be dressed in full chainmail, and be making a check to dominate the hell out of you.

Just saying.

Wistershire Shroud

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