Disruption Ritual

Disenchantment Ritual


Components (destroyed in ritual):

  • Astral Dust Vial (4,500 gp)
  • 1 oz. Bone Salt (1000 gp)
  • Humanoid Heart – must be fresh or well-preserved


  • Limefire

As you try to leave with Bharash, he stops you. “I cannot simply leave – I am restrained by some kind of binding ritual. The magic disarms me of my powers and prevents me from leaving this half of the room. I know a ritual that will dispel it, however. I will need you to retrieve the components for me.

“The Disruption ritual requires:
A small vial of astral dust,
A pinch of bone salt,
And the heart of an unwary soul.

“If you bring the components here, I can show you how to perform the ritual. The heart is obviously the hardest bit to find. I recommend you find some pauper that will not be missed by society – the weak are sadly not useful for much in our world. Or perhaps you can find a child that won’t put up much of a fight. Most of the nobles on the north side of the city seem overly trusting of their children’s safety. You could look there.
The other rare component is the limefire. It’s a green magical flame that is most commonly summoned from a Limefire Lamp. To my knowledge, two such lamps grow in the city. One sits on an alter in the sanctuary of the chapel to Sehanine in the House of Peace. That would be the easiest to aquire, I imagine. The other Limefire Lamp lies in the vault of the Carta of House Greymist. The carta is a famed underground crime syndicate, and you may be in for a difficult time trying to relieve them of their treasure.”

After answering all questions, he dismisses the group: “I trust you with my freedom. I will be in your debt.”

Disruption Ritual

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