Comforting Darkness

A thick black cross between an overcoat and cloak, with quiet red trim and a thick toughness.


Cloak of the Walking Wounded
Thin red veins form across the fabric of this handsome cloak when its healing propertie are evoked.

Level Enhancement Slot Cost
9 +2 Neck 4,200 gp

Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Property: If you use your second wind while bloodied, you can expend two healing surges instead of one (gaining hit points from both).


This thick black overcoat is something that Ben is hardly ever without, even when he is inside. At first glance, it is a simple black cloak. Further, or even slightly closer inspection reveals that it is of the highest quality, the blackest black in the fine fabric, durable and comfortable, able to stop the wind and reinforce Ben’s ability to deal with other… aggressors.

In times of need, Ben wraps the cloak around him tightly, allowing him to more comfortably reach deep inside him and access his reserves.

Comforting Darkness

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