Sasharin McThee

Beautful, Sultry, and Mysterious Entertainer


First meets Ben whilst he is impersonating a HoC guard making the rounds with Jerry. Later, tends to his wounds after the first quick battle with Oragk, an alchemist thrall, and Collin. Is quite rather nice to him, but agrees to meet him later on. Also points him towards room 2 in the labs, telling Ben he might find something in there of much better use than the occupant.

Sasharin is attractive. Look at that picture. Just look at it. C’mon, how can you not say that she looks good? Except that she looks even better than that in real (Fantasy) life. So just, you know. Look at her.

She’s spent some years with the brothel she works, and she’s found kind of a home at the HoC. Not that she’s particularly loyal to it, just that its grown on her, is all. She seems to know more than she lets on, and is also rather curious as to what’s going on.

Hearts Broken Men in Love with Her Men she’s in love with Average income/night Size of Shoe Closet
Nigh Infinite Mounds-a-plenty A Lady never tells… More than you can afford Gargantuan

Sasharin is a Personal Entertainer at the Dusk Til Dawn Brothel. She meets the party during their investigation into the group of cards who are attempting to poison the city’s water with Helena.

Sasharin is a Succubus, one of the many devils that came to manipulate and control the House of Cards. She attempted to seduce the party when they were attempting to stop the depositing of Helena in the city water system.

Sasharin McThee

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