Max Stirner

Anarchistic Rogue, hero of the working class, scourge of the bourgois.


None Left Behind [Astraltouched]

After wrestling with the ideal of wise actions for the greater good, Max has rediscovered his love of humanity and has vowed to protect each innocent life above all else.

If Max ever sacrifices the party’s safety or inhibits progress to their goal in favor of protecting an innocent, he gains 5 Temporary HP. These hit points are regained at the beginning of each of his turns until his next extended rest. Like other sources of THP, these hit points do not stack; they simply reset to 5 at the start of each of his turns if lost.


Little is known about the Elven rogue known as Max Stirner, other than that he appears whenever the poor are being oppressed, or when the powerful abuse their power. He slips in and out of the night, delivering his own form of justice and revenge.

When a member of a house is found mysterious cut to pieces, the masses whisper the name “Stirner”. When a holy relic is missing from a chapel thought to be impenetrable, witnesses swear they saw an elf slipping into the distance with the loot. The most effective known ways of summoning him are abusing the poor or defiling the rights of man, but who would want to risk the edge of his blades?

He carries two blades. In his left hand his Marx, a slender black kukri which has been the end of many a tyrant. In his right, Engles, the blade of the dark, coming out of the shadows with lightning precision.

He is the protector of the masses, and the scourge of all who would oppose them. His goal is nothing less but to tear down the social structures of power which by their very nature keeps good men and women as little more than slaves.

He is armed, and very, very dangerous.

Upon meeting the party, he aided them in dispatching the displacer beasts which attacked them, and tried to calm the tension between the parties of the two houses. In the second battle, he dispatched a mighty troll and one of the Displacer beasts. He bravely opened the battle with a flurry of blades which penetrated the hides of several of the enemies. When it looked as if all was lost, however, he attempted to fall back and hide in the tunnels to surprise attack the two humanoids. This proved unnecessary, however.

He disappeared from the party when it became obvious that they would never come to a decent conclusion about where they should spend the night.

Max Stirner

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