Kellis McCanti

Drow Assassin


McCanti is a merchant princess and member of the House of Cards. Barakas suspected her of being a mind flayer thrall, so he enlisted the adventurers to confront her at a Merchant’s Guild ball. When found, she lashed back at the group and defended herself, frightening the party-goers.

As she lay dying, Max (who was totally crushing on her) fed her a healing potion. This revived her momentarily, and her mind fought the influence of the Mind Flayers. She shouted the name of the Poison Gulch to the group before the mental stress she underwent caused her severe brain hemorrhaging. Blood ran out of her nose and her muscles strained to cut off circulation to her brain. She, a victim of the flayer’s self-destructive commands, was slain by Catherine Selden out of pity.

Kellis McCanti

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