Judge Rockfist


A stoic looking Goliath wearing the CLOAK OF JUDGEMENT


A mild mannered Goliath was fused magically to an ancient and powerful CLOAK OF JUDGEMENT, granting him the insatiable desire to judge things. Rockfist went on a sereal judging spree, resulting in three deaths, two injuries, and seven twenty-to-thirty-year sentences. He was nigh-unstoppable, judging a man in each hand and roaring a judicious roar.

Eventually, he was brought down by a crack team of legal obstructionists, and forced to serve in the city’s panel of judgement. There he serves today, where he is forced to use his dark powers for the good of the city, judging offenders.

Eventually he was called upon to judge the case of Catherine and the headmaster and the summoning teacher guy. He unleashed every bit of his mighty judicial energies, but the team managed to withstand long enough to free Catherine.

Judge Rockfist

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