A platemail-wearing minotaur with a look of contained fury in his eyes.


Channel Divinity: Conviction of Kord

Jak has affirmed his commitment to his new self, letting go of his savage past.

All allies within 5 squares of you gain a bonus to saving throws and weapon damage rolls equal to Jak’s Wisdom modifier until the end of Jak’s next turn. As a minor action, Jak can spend a healing surge to sustain the effect until his next turn.

Might of the Faithful

As an item daily power, all allies can use Jak’s Strength modifier in place of their own for all Strength-Based Skill checks and class features for the rest of the encounter.

Standing over 7 feet tall and gripping a greatsword in two hands, few people fail to notice this creature in a room. Jak is a minotaur with auburn-colored fur, sharp, dark brown horns, and cloven hooves. His right ear is pierced in several places, the glint of metal earrings catching the light.

Jak has donned a set of plate mail with intricate engravings of a labyrinthine design, a pattern that is also visible on his bracers, helm, and belt buckle. The silver chain necklace hanging around his neck carries a symbol of a fist holding a blade and a lightning bolt – the holy symbol of Kord.

Jak’s eyes are cold and focused, and he stares at others around him with a calculated look. He has adopted a stance that suggests he could strike at a moment’s notice, and he looks like he might choose to.


Jakroshaan, Jak’s true birth name, was named after a famous minotaur champion from his clan’s ancestry. From his early childhood, greatness was expected from Jakroshaan. Members of his clan lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling around the lands near EverShade. Like many of his kin, Jakroshaan was not particularly religious. Minotaurs are stubbornly self-sufficient and driven by pride; to suggest that they need a divine power to survive would be a profound insult to most.

Jakroshaan’s life growing up was hard, but bearable. His clan members shared a fierce loyalty that helped them through any famine or hardship they encountered on their journey. Like all minotaurs, Jakroshaan’s difficulties have never been limited to the physical realm. Baphomet, the Horned King of the layer of the Abyss known as the Endless Maze, constantly seeks to tempt minotaurs into becoming his thralls. Jakroshaan’s willpower and wisdom of the Abyss were honed by his people, who taught him that minotaurs must undergo a strenuous journey to make peace with their inner conflict.

Jakroshaan’s inner peace nearly shattered when he was 22 years old, on the darkest day in his life. No one in EverShade currently knows about this event. Rumor has it that he showed up alone in EverShade and wandered the city aimlessly for days without talking to anyone. He introduced himself as Jak to Bharash, the High Cleric of Kord at a House of Towers shrine, who mentored Jak and guided him through his strife. Jak is now a prominent and well-respected paladin of Kord. He is often sent on missions to dispense Kord’s righteous fury where it is most needed in EverShade.

Jak met the party when he volunteered to assist Derice, a priest of Kord, during the Helena Exchange. Jak became furious at the cowardice displayed by the House of Cards during the exchange, and he is determined to see that justice is brought to the fools who dared to attack him. Out of necessity, he has formed a tenuous alliance with Abernathy Wistershire, Catherine Selden, and Content Not Found: max-stirner.


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