The guy Ross beat on.

12/74 Not high enough to stop the hits Too high for the end to come soon enough

Not much is known about Garf, especially not why his name is so god damned stupid.

Many theories abound, however. Some scholars believe that his mother suffered a fatal heart attack when asked to name her newborn child, and her death rattle was mistaken for a response. Others are quick to point out that Garf’s mother is very much alive, and the two share a very happy relationship.

Another theory is that Garf is not his given name, but rather an appellation applied during his schoolboy years when he would vomit every hour, on the hour. The name “Barf” was slowly transformed into “Garf” due to an unfortunate boating accident.

Either way, he’s had a real bad day. A minotaur gored him in the damn shoulder! How often does THAT happen?


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