Catherine Selden

Ruthless and Calculating, the Azure Witch


Knowledge is Power [Astraltouched]

Catherine has intentionally moved on from her previous successes as a general; the mastery and domination of ancient, rare, and forbidden knowledge is that which drives her fully.

Each time Catherine learns something knew with a successful knowledge skill check, she can attain a Gem of Knowledge. Once per encounter, she can expend a daily item power to use a Gem of Knowledge. A Gem is lost upon use. With a Gem, she can:

  • Switch a prepared spell with one from her spellbook
  • Re-roll a d20, using the second result

Catherine Selden traveled to EverShade ten years ago after a long period of wandering. In her life, she has come into her own as a brilliant wizard and tactician, leading many armies into battle under the moniker of the Azure Witch. As a general, she was known as ruthless and efficient, using spells to tear apart the battlefield during the Eastern War of Civilization. Looking for a life away from the battlefield, she has settled into a life as a teacher of magic at the university. Within the ranks of the college, Catherine rose quickly and is at present the second in command of university and house politics and decision making of the House of Wisdom.

During the Helena Exchange, Catherine acquired the 700 Platinum Pieces and recently traded them to Carlos and Laethin in exchange for the Helena Recipe and related research materials.

Catherine Selden

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