"What would Johann do?"

Several days have passed since Max’s arrest at the hands of Judeth and the City Guard.

The Beast, the Sage, and the Golden-Tongued await their turn to be escorted into the holding cells where thier compatriot is being held. Eventually, they are led by a guard to a large iron and wooden door, which he opens, motioning for them to enter.

“Ten minutes” he says gruffly. The three enter, and the guard closes the door behind them. Inside are many cells, filled with the incarcerated. In one of them was Max.

After passing some amusing pleasantries, Max first proposes that the magical one “use her magicky stuff and teleport me out of here,” which is deemed impossible due to the anti-magic field in the room. Catherine had also considered turning Max invisible and painting his cell walls with blood, calling in the guard and making an escape then. Ben told Max to kill himself, as we could just ressurect him. And Jak was mostly annoyed at all of this. Finally, Max begged his colleagues to stage an elaborate and exciting prison escape.

The ten minutes passed after what seemed like forty-three minutes. Without much help from Max, the next stop was to visit Judeth for details. Not much help there either. (Say Butts. Say…butts.) Judeth’s elven assistant Dentil Fukyu lets the party know that, 1) Judeth is busy and won’t be able to see them for 4 days, and 2) we should probably stop asking after random NPC’s names.

So, without any leads, the party decides to meet back up at Ben’s Waterman to discuss things. On the way, Ben takes a detour into the more southern areas of the city to announce and act as town crier, letting the populace know that “The People’s Hero Max Stirner has been Unjustly and Unfairly Arrested by the Elite and Corrupt Powers of the City!”.

Right. After that little bit, Ben arrives back at his tavern to see that Jak and Catherine are talking with a street urchin, looking all manner of out of place in his fine establishment.

(ok. losing steam on this. imma just outline and we can fill in later)

Catherine knows who she is, asks her a question that Jak and Ben cannot understand. Girl’s name is Violet, and is looking for Max, asks if he is dead. We say no, she shows us a really nice amulet (“he have me this neckalce in case he didn’t come back”) and tells us about a house she used to follow Max to, so we dressed her up and visited the house that Max used to go visit.

We take a carriage there. Its a big blue house with the name “Schmidt” above it, lots of fancy stone-work on the North-Side in a neighborhood called the “Northedge Coast”, Without so much as a plan, we knock on the door, which is answere by Hinderman, Mr. Schmidt’s right hand man. The house is really nice. Hinderman tells us all about Albert Schmidt, who seems like a pretty cool guy.

Schmidt shows up, we “talk” to him, and he lets on quietly that he knows Max Stirner, but doesn’t want Hinderman to know about it. Ben invites him to the Waterman sometime for more chats. As we turn to leave, the window breaks and we are attacked.

An assassin calling himself Max Stirner and using his signature moves and copycat equipment and two shadow assassins are quickly dispatched, all while Hinderman is out getting tea for Jak.

Alert Schmidt asks us, “Is Max Stirner…still alive?”

We take the carriage over to the city hall. Alber drops some names (“My name is Albert Schmidt…and I’m a good friend of Gloria Fieldman’s”)

Turns out that Albert is Max’s father, and that Max’s name is really Johann, and there are some awesome backstory things that I’m going to either fill in later or Alex is going to. Highlight of the exchange:

Schmidt: “Johann, its time to put a stop to these little delusions. The family is being threatened. I’ve already used Gloria Fieldman’s name once tod-”

“DON’T BRING HER INTO THIS!” Max brashly interjects.

“-day, and I’m sure she would be more than happy to have you released.”


“Johann. Son.”

The party meets back at the Waterman. Having had one assasination attempt on his life, Albert decides to stay there as well.

Then we get a message from Hindenburg saying that he has the key to the problems today.

So we meet him back at the manor, and he goes all crazy and says some stuff about a how wrong it is that were Albert to be killed, then the entire business and all of its wealth would go to some delusional kid in prison somewhere instead of the one who knew how to run it and really deserved it.

Turns out: he’s an invoker, starts summoning crazy Lancy and Aegis guys.

We kill him.



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