Battle atop Ruined Plaza

Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2 vs. Grimlocks led by Mindflayer


Graham: “According to the DMG, I just found out, that breaking a grab is a move action.”
Jimmy: “Is this the same day?”
All: “Yes”
Jimmy: “Fudge. I am all out of dailies.”
[I should point out that Jimmy did not actually say ‘fudge’.]
Graham: “This is the fifth encounter of the day, just so you know. Which is good. For stuff. Ok.”


Amongst the ruins, there are old buildings, some more intact than others, with some walls providing partial cover, but making travel difficult. There are also some piles which we could climb atop.

We begin fighting three Grimlock Dark Guards led by a mind-flayer, who initially stays behind, protected by its minions.

They are unusually co-ordinated. Within a few moments, Ben is attacked by an invisible force, which turns out to be another mind-flayer. Before we were able to dispatch that one, yet another invisible mind-flayer attacks the party.

The party rages on for an intense fifty-four seconds, after which everything is dead, and the party is left nearly spent.

As we watch after the deaths of our enemies, the dark jewel at the center of the plaza begins to glow, and it attacks us, and we all pass out. Jak explodes in a shower of sparks. Ben is spun around in the air and passes out. Max is struck by many, many shards of dark light. I forget what happens to Catherine.


We wake up – Ben denies having had visions. Jak wakes up to a message from Judeth – :: Jak please tell me you are still alive down there. The city is being overrun. Find a way to get back up here NOW *EXPLOSION ::

We find in the ruins:


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