the three things that happened before the trial

there were windows involved. and murder.

Judeth gave us the order to further investigate vampire thing. They’d been in the city before, but never had acted out this much.
We found lead names for the vampires
Through being racist and intimidating, we found out their plans all along with Helena, to increase ranks of vampires. Dreamt of a vampire city, which is “not in the cards” today.
So. After figuring that out, going back to report to Judeth, when Cath got word of an emergency at her university. Summoned extraplanar creature. Cray astral beast. An astral-puss (astral octopus)
Yeah, we killed that. Local law enforcement comes along, arrest Catherine for summoning that beast from the astral realm. Went along.
Trial of tomorrow. Suspects that the house of ioun was the only group with the means and the motive to do this. (frame her)
There is another house which had some issues with what was going on. The house of Forges says that ioun should not have representation in govt, b/c they cannot be trusted
We’re all together. If Catherine goes to court and is convicted guilty, will be locked away for a really long time.
Cath not only one arrested. Summoning dude also, but she’s the one in charge.
Ok. So…
House of ioun: more of a non-affiliated church
What if they’re in this together? Ioun and Forges? Cath has past with Ioun.
We actually have a mtg the next morning with the head guy of the church of ioun.

Max does the usual breaking and entering.

Ben: puts together a magistrate costume, get one of his regulars from Waterman, who works in the office of Identities at city hall, bribes him with a nice bottle of wine, and gets an identity document. Matt Locke “goes by Ben” – fake magistrate papers
Case # 21099
Office of para-legal affairs
I make my way through the building. Iron bars filled in with stone/cement. Building has to weigh a TON. Very stable, and magic is very important to keeping it upright.
I say hello to the gnome bookkeeper – librarian – who is very frantic. Case against Catherine Selden, charged with stuff.

I meet senator gremm. Gruff dwarf. Wearing very heavy beautiful robes, lots of edges have metal to decorate them? Little guys. Lots of decorated things. Bald, with long red curly hair and beard, and tons of rings.

Before leaving Waterman again, I instruct Shmel to take care of things, and to come find me if its been more than a week.

Ross sends to Ben from Durand’s office: nothing much here. Any luck on your end? Ben sends back, Keep looking. Stop wasting charges. Also Good Job.

He invites me into his office. “We’re not directly involved in the case. You want to be in the trial?” “We both know how this city works, senator” Wants to know my problem with Catherine. Ben claims that he killed his sister. 28 years ago.

Jax keeps looking for a way to open the adamantine chest.

Jax and I meet up halfway between Waterman and the Church of Ioun. Max steps out of the shadows. As usual.


I’m wondering – should we write an edited version of our sessions? The train-of-thought-slash-play is a little hard to read. Of course, writing anything down at all is important, so I definitely think that the fast-write style is really good. I’m just reading over this and I’m a little confused.


I’d call dibs from now on on recording combat with the system I came up with last weekend.

Whoops. Guess Ben let slip that he has a sister. Who was killed? 28 years ago.

These look like my notes.


Whoops guess Catherine didn’t kill Ben’s sister because she’s totally alive.

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